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Autor Zpráva

Založen: 25.7.2018
Příspěvky: 12


PříspěvekZaslal: 11.10.2018, 10:44  Předmět:  The first grass sprouted, and Odpovědět s citátemSpodní část stránkyNávrat nahoru

The first grass sprouted, and spring came. The first flower bloomed and the spring came. The first leaves showed the figure, and spring came. Listening, it is the sound of spring, how soft, how wonderful. Gently and quietly, played the spring movement.gentle wind blew in from the window that was not closed, mixed with the faint flower atmosphere and the fragrance of the morning dew. For a time, the breeze hit me with a full breeze Marlboro Lights. I suddenly opened my eyes in the bed, familiar. Taste, the taste of spring! I was pleasantly picked up from the bed, hurriedly dressed and opened the door to spring.smell of flowers and grass came on the scene, and the spring breeze blew my messy long hair. On the willow branches, a few sparrows do not know what to talk about Marlboro Red 100S, probe the brain, and let it be smart. In the creek, a few squid flashed quickly in the stream. The frog woke up from hibernation and screamed in the cave.", a drop of dew just happened to drop on my nose, I was shocked, touched the dew on the tip of my nose, and laughed silly. Looking up at the green of the mountains, looking at the red on the tip of the leaf, as well as the accompaniment of the breeze, the mountains are picturesque, so many, and intoxicated in this picturesque spring world Marlboro Menthol 100S, I can't help but be crazy.this time, the sound of the lark was heard around, like a fairy, wrapped around the country, seemingly nothing. I went with this wonderful voice. When I didn't reach my destination, there was a stream across the street. The sound of Tintin's winter and winter came, and it was crisp and nice. There was another wind blowing, and several sounds came together. My eyes lit up and it was the sound of spring! On the edge of the Yangtze River, a small road extends along the Yangtze River to the end of the Yangtze River. birds on the trees on both sides of the path are in the middle of the spring. They woke up the rape blossoms, woke up the peach trees, awakened the grass, and ushered in the spring girl. Blowing the breath of spring. Babin Road is full of vitality andrape blossoms woke up, stretched out and yawned, revealing a sweet smile. Looking far away, the golden rape blossoms look like a golden carpet. Closer look, a few petals of delicate petals around the girl's slim stamen, giving a feeling of heart and soul. watching the rape blossoms and walking along the road, your eyeballs will be attracted to the willows by the roadside. The curved willow branches, the green leaves, like a green ribbon, are so elegant, so soft, as if to pull a green curtain to the sky. As He Zhizhang wrote, "Jasper makeup is a tree high, and thousands of green silks hang down." Looking from afar, a willow tree with arms, it seems to form a green and fresh barrier. The breeze came, the wicker danced with the wind, and a ave lking along the stone steps along the river, visitors are like weaving Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, and there are countless people flying kites. People hold the line in their left hand, and in the right hand, a variety of kites fly in the blue sky, black bats, yellow butterflies, red goldfish, multicolored parrots... decorate the blue sky more beautiful. Looking up at the sky, the kites are free to play and play in the sky. They are marching toward the clouds and sprinting toward the sun. My heart seems to travel with them as the sky.emnant sun is paved in the water Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and half of the river is half-river." I think it is the true portrayal of the foreground! The glare of the sun shines directly on the water, sparkling, looking at the river, like a lot of gold jumping on the river, just like a piece of golden silk floating on the water; better like a lot of cute people shining with golden light The elf is playing on the water! On the other hand, because there is no sunshine caressing, it seems to be left out, looking gray and gloomy. The same blue sky, the same river surface, the same sun, but formed such a strong contrast! The cobblestones on the shore have been baptized over the years, and the rivers have washed away and become smooth and sleek. They have left a colorful impression of the years.pped away quietly, and the sun walked home steadily, finally stopping at the end of the river and reluctantly looking at the world.
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