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Autor Zpráva

Založen: 25.7.2018
Příspěvky: 12


PříspěvekZaslal: 11.10.2018, 10:45  Předmět:  In the spring, the flowers are Odpovědět s citátemSpodní část stránkyNávrat nahoru

In the spring, the flowers are all open, and the flowers are shining, it is the spring of nature. Now it is like the late autumn, it is not the season of flower viewing, let's take a look at the spring of society.
"spring color" of society is not like the spring color of nature. This "spring color" means social morality. Only the social atmosphere is good. The spring of society will never decline throughout the year.his time last year, my birthday was over. On the weekend, my mother and I arrived at the home of Shashi on Saturday morning. Then my mother and I stayed in the family for less than five minutes. Just go out and buy gifts for you. When I got to the intersection, I couldn��t stop a taxi, so my mother and I decided to squeeze the bus Cigarette Online, and finally decided the route. After getting on the bus No. 2, I found that there was no seat. I looked around and found that some of the office workers were sitting down. I went to work and went home. Most of the people standing were old people. I felt unconvinced, but I dare not say how no one gave the seat to the elderly. What? Then I looked at the seniors. There are actually two people in their early thirties. It was raining outside this time. The temperature plummeted. The people in the car don't feel cold, but the mouth of the young man sitting in the window of the elderly is already purple. I sneered, thinking, retribution. at this time. The ticket seller suddenly walked over and said, "How can you not let the young people who are sitting here give the elderly to the elderly?" The office workers who sat were completely disregarding his words. The conductor looked around. I stared at the purple-haired young man and said, "You come to give up." The young man groaned and said, "I? Why is it me?" The whole car's eyes turned to him. "This is a senior citizen. Don't you know?" The young man thought about it, stood up and walked away. At this time, a cold wind blew, the conductor could not help but take a nap. I found that the cold wind came from the small window next to the position where the young man was sitting Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. The whole car understands. Suddenly there was no cold wind blowing, and the conductor was holding the open umbrella to block the leaking hole. Next, the old man who sat up with his hands held an umbrella to know that he was going to get off. The young man smiled and was about to get off Cigarettes Cheaper. "Yes, I know that young people are not deliberately going to be exclusive seats for the elderly, but I hope that you can remember, do good deeds, but you can't damage yourself because of good deeds. Reputation." The conductor smiled and said to him. The young man nodded firmly and got off the bus.derstand that the spring of society is created by harmony, pea" of Liang Jingru? A song with a hint of charm in the quiet, in the summer night of Ye Maosha, screaming, let people out of the heat of the day and irritability. Perhaps, you have forgotten it, then what is the "Scorpion Flower"? Although it is the same as Ningxia, it has long been a popular one. But in the afternoon of midsummegy and noisy. However, when we let go of this kind of mentality, we will feel the beauty of the summer: the fragrant jasmine and the scorpion are not late than the spring and peach blossoms under the spring light; the juicy watermelon and the pear will not let Under the autumn wind, the citrus and red persimmons are slightly betr singing. The coming of the autumn wind is not a harvest for it, but a death that comes quietly. The dry body fell on the soil that had lived for 17 years, but its mouth seemed to sway with a smile, which is indeed the case. Although Death has taken away its life too early, it will not be unwilling to live for three months of art Marlboro Gold Pack. It has sang the gratitude of life into its own songs, ending with everything: it makes it difficult all mouthful of tea Cheap Cigarettes, warm, with a hint of bitterness. It is tea, and it is always bitter. Tea is a blossoming and temou wi Xia �� music chapter, there are stretched Zhang, there is a climax, there is a fall, with the prosperity of life as the beginning, with the first leaves in the autumn wind as the end, the gas of the mountains and rivers and the tender and tend
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